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War on Americans?

According to Nat Parry of Consortium News, some of the things the Bush administration has been doing lately is enough to give one pause and not dismiss that notion outright.

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

This editorial is a must read. As thorough as the piece was, it failed to mention how the Bush administration also seems hellbent on knowing just what we Google, has a program designed to probe the net for 'patterns of terrorist activity', and just concluded a war-game exercise in which 'bloggers' apparently played a major role.

This confluence of 'programs' seems to make me wonder just how soon I, and many of my dissenting brethren in the blogosphere, will be rounded up and sent off to 'Repatriotization Centers'.

Update: I received an email from Bob Parry at Consortium and he tells me those items were in the original draft of the article but were edited out for reasons of length and because they went off in slightly different directions.

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