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Bestowing Honors

In the short time that I have maintained this blog, I have been humbled by the recognition I have received from other bloggers. No doubt this acknowledgment has come about due to the many linkbacks in my posts (I'm a linking fool!) and my frequent commentary on other blogs. Whether through a place on their blogroll, a linkback or simple commentary about my own postings, I am glad that others have found my little piece of the virtual dais to be worthy.

To show my thanks, I am creating a special place for these fine individuals apart from my normal blogroll called Xsociate Associates. I highly recommend you take the time to visit all of the following sites, they are worth it.

Many thanks to:

A. Alexander at Progressive Daily Beacon
Len Hart of The Existentialist Cowboy
MadKane of Madeleine Begun Kane
Kvatch of Blognonymous
Matt Ortega from mattortega.com
Christopher di Spirito of From The Left
And last but not least The Heretik

Welcomed New Additions:
The guys at State of the Day
Julie O. at They Get Letters
The good folks at Media Matters
DBK and the gang at Blanton's and Ashton's
Cernig and friends from The Newhoggers
Kathy at Liberty Street
Joe and the gang at The Moderate Voice
The best news and blog aggregator around Memeorandum
Fixer and the gang at Alternate Brain
Karen McL from Peripetia
W. Christopher Elper from The Liberation of Realism
Libby Spencer from The Impolitic
Ron Chusid from Liberal Values
Richard Blair and the gang at All Spin Zone
noahnoah at The November Blog
The Editors at Salon's Blog Report
Jeremy Hansen at The Bulldog Says…
Jason Rosenbaum and the gang at The Seminal

Thanks for the link. Chris, who blogs at From the Left, often comments at my blog. He's a really good guy. Funny, too. Keep up the good work and you'll get a spot on my messy, cluttered, and inconsequential blogroll.


Thanks for the props, Xsociate.

I found your site via Matt's The Great Society blog, which I check often. I really like his blog.

You do good work too, X. Thanks for the blogroll.

I am honored to be among that "seven". You were among the first to link to the Cowboy when it took its first tentative steps into the blogosphere. Keep up the great work here. You have our support.

Thanks as well. One of the great things about the blogsphere is that we all get to draw inspiration from outstanding blogs. Xsociate Files is regular read for me, and I'm honored to be on your list.

Thank you all for the supportive feedback. It really means a lot to me.

Thanks so much for the lovely mention! I'm honored to be an XA!

Big ditto, thanks.

Found ya through Creature's place. I'm honored to have ya on our blogroll.

Found ya through Matt Ortega. Thanks for the link. I enjoy your stuff!

Let the eagle soar!

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