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Rockets' Red Glare?

North Korean Fireworks Fizzle.

SEOUL (XF) - The Xsociate Files has confirmed that the missiles launched by North Korea yesterday were intended to be an attempt to show solidarity with Americans as they celebrated Independence Day. Unfortunately the long-range Taepodong-2 missile that was to be the finale of the display and would have been visible from the continental US, failed several minutes after launching.

A spokesman for North Korea has released this short statement:
The DPRK regrets this unfortunate setback in our effort to mend relations with the United States. Rest assured we will endeavor to continue to improve on our fireworks technology and it is our hope that next year we will be able to put on a show worthy of the admiration of the American people.

Some analysts remain skeptical of this explanation. A source inside the Pentagon who spoke to XF stated that the tests were an obvious bid by the North Koreans to "one up" any potential fireworks displays that were to take place inside the US. Claims that the Bush administration and NASA are already drawing up plans to out-do the Koreans next year could not be corroborated.


To paraphrase Tom Tomorrow from YearlyKos: For our right-wing friends out in the "internets," this is called "satire."

(From my comments) Haha! That's actually exactly what I typed into Google Images.

Great minds? Sure, I'll go with that ;)

What a display that would have been. Perhaps a red, white, and blue nuke? Just have to wait until next year.

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