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Opening The Files: 7/04/06

Messages for the Fourth

Pressing The Flesh: Why I'm Proud To Be American

Firedoglake: In Defense of Liberty

Brent Budowsky: A July 4th Call to Arms

Len Hart: A Declaration of our Independence

Howard Zinn: Patriotism and the Fourth of July

E.J. Dionne Jr.: A Dissident's Holiday

Blognonymous: Independence - A Post for Peace

And don't forget to be patriotic and Sponsor A Missle today!


You stole that picture from me. (Which I stole from someone else, but that's beside the point.)

Many thanks for the link. I was quite surprised at the response that post got, as it was quite difficult to put together--trouble drawing the conculsions until about the third revision.

Many thanks for your independence day link to the Existentialist Cowboy. It is also an honor to be on your blogroll. My compliments on your blog and keep up the great work.

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