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Opening The Files: Halloweenies Edition

It seems rather apropos that All Hallow's Eve should fall just one week before the midterm elections. Because the GOP sure are scared shitless of the outcome and their increasingly hysterical rhetoric is evidence of that fear. They are all but claiming that if the Democrats take control, they will show their appreciation for the assist by using our tax dollars to buy every member of Al-Qaeda a one way ticket to every street USA where they would have free reign to kill your family, rape your women (who also have to worry about being seduced by black men) and then enter into gay marriages with each other. And worst of all they would RAISE YOUR TAXES!!!


Scared yet? The GOP sure wish you were.

Marc Lynch analyzed a post on a jihadi forum and wondered if Al-Qaeda really is trying to influence our elections. Seems they might be, just not in the way the GOP would have you believe.

The Heretik on fables and fools.

Billmon reports on another Mission Accomplished.

Tim Grieve says that if the polls are any indication, the GOP are in for a scare come next Tuesday.

Trish caught up with Count Cheney on the campaign trail. Then again, considering what Wonkette reports, this might be a more appropriate costume choice for the VP.

And finally, here are some more tricks and treats from John, Bill Maher and Chris Weigant.

(Ghoulishly filed at State of the Day)