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Imagine for a moment that you are sitting at home with your spouse one evening when there is a knock at the door. But before you can even stand up to answer, it is crashed open and dozens of men wearing all black spill into your home. Everything happens in the span of mere seconds. You are forced to the ground, a knee resting heavily on your neck as your hands are wretched behind your back and secured painfully tight with a plastic tie. A black hood is thrown over your face and you are pulled to your feet, led to a destination you do not know. There is a flash of light, but only briefly, as the hood is replaced by a pair of blacked-out goggles and sound proof headphones. There is no light, no sound. Nothing.

Except for the pain. A punch here, a kick there, a hard shove to the ground, this pain is your only link to the outside world. When you are freed from this void, it is only to face men whom you do not know, asking questions you do not know the answers to. Or you are isolated in a cell with no windows, no clocks, no means of telling the passage of time. You are forced to sleep on a steel bunk and the cell is kept at a bone chillingly cold temperature. Your life becomes an endless repetition of the void, the cell, the questions. This becomes your world for three years.

Now try to imagine this isn't America.

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