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Opening The Files: 12/17/06

Further into the quagmire

Despite opposition from the American people, the Iraqi people, and even his own generals, The Decider appears to be diggin' in on Iraq. It would seem that his neocon buddies have been able sell him on their final fantasy. And even though the venture is unlikely to win us any hearts and minds anytime soon, it's onward into the quicksand we go.

But don't worry. The Decider's not losing any sleep over it.

David Kurtz dispels a few myths for us. Matthew Yglesias and Atrios chime in as well.

Bob Patterson wonders if Bush's new strategy involves trying to "out crazy the crazies".

Swopa drops the snark for some straight talk about Iraq and the need for change.

Bog Geiger has this week's cartoons.

And finally, Lewis Black schools us on time and how the anticipation of "the moment" is often better then the actual moment. A choice quote: "So I say, really, when you plan to do something, just plan it. Don't do it." Perhaps President Bush should have taken this advice to heart three years ago.

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