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Opening The Files: 05/10/07

Credibility GOP

Things aren't going well for The Commander Guy. Despite his protestations to the contrary, retired generals are claiming that Bush doesn't listen to them. His GOP buddies staged a long overdue Ides of March encounter in the Oval Office, thankfully only armed with sharp words. Meanwhile, the Iraqi parliament have tired of there overstayed house guests. So what is a Decider to do when everyone it seems is questioning his credibility?

Why send out someone with even less credibility, natch.

Dick "Last Throes" Cheney made a surprise visit to Iraq yesterday where he gave a stern warning to the Iraqi government not to take a two month vacation as planned. The warning would be hilarious given his own party's predilection for taking time off if the consequences weren't so dire, particularly for our soldiers and the Iraqi people. But then the Iraqis are free to govern however they choose, be it taking a recess or telling us to leave their country. Unless that whole "sovereignty" thing was just a phase.

Dick also delivered the same stale bromides about progress and how now "it's game time". I guess the last four years were just the pre-game pep rally. Thankfully, Dubya and Dick seem to be the only ones left willing to shake their pom poms.

Joe Gandelman says there's a whole lotta surgin' going on. Unfortunately for President Bush, it's all in the other direction.

and Big Tent Democrat don't think this GOP version of Ocean's Eleven will do much to budge the Bush. An Ocean's Sixty on the other hand...

Steven D. says the Bushies should have picked a better coach to pump up the Iraqi Dream Team.

Steve Young has the latest on an exit strategy from Iraq.

And Libby Spencer says that despite what anyone else may want, the Bushies seem intent on reaching the 2009 End Zone not matter how many defensive linemen it may take.

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