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Freedom of Speech Isn't Free

Men like former Marine Sgt. Adam Kokesh fought and died for that freedom. At least that's what we are constantly told to be the case. But what if Sgt. Kokesh wishes to utilize that freedom himself, a right endowed to him as a citizen of this country? Too fucking bad.

See, Kokesh is in a bit of hot water and the fucking Bushies are the ones turning up the heat. Kokesh is currently facing disciplinary action for wearing his military fatigues (sans insignia) to an anti-war rally. The military says this is a big no-no but that excuse is fucking bullshit when you consider that fucking President Bush routinely surrounds himself with uniformed active duty troops whenever it is politically convenient. What they are doing to Kokesh is nothing short of a fucking witch hunt. They wish to stifle his freedom of speech because he refuses to be enthralled to Dear Leader and his glorious war.

Despite efforts by the VFW to call off this farce, Kokesh is scheduled to appear before a military panel today. If found guilty, he could face having his discharged status changed to less than honorable. That could lead him to being ineligible for certain Vet benefits, educational opportunities and even certain jobs that require a security clearance.

Make no mistake about this, if Sgt. Kokesh is found guilty of simply exercising his First Amendment rights, it is the clearest sign yet that this administration does not give a shit about the troops. The shit of it is, Kokesh is just two weeks shy of the end of his eight year enlistment obligation. Nice way to end a relationship there, Dubya.

Note: Sorry about the profanity but my rage about this has been stewing ever since I heard about it. An NPR report this morning, in which they cited the military's lame ass excuse just set me off.

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