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Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes

I don't really have anything substantive milling about my brain this Sunday morning, so I will instead give you a cross section of what's Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes.

Mike Nifong, the prosecutor involved in the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal, is out and has been stripped of his law license. I don't really have much to say on this. To me, it was just another instance of an overzealous prosecutor with political aspirations looking to make a name for himself. Even at the cost of maligning the reputations of three ultimately innocent young men. Let this be a lesson of the consequences when one sets out to mix politics and governance.

Speaking of which, Karl "Turdblossom" Rove, may find himself circling the bowl soon. Seems the Office of Special Counsel has expanded their investigation into his politicization of various governmental agencies. Personally I would love to see Karl frog marched from the White House, which is the only likely way we'll ever see The Decider part ways with a Bushie as loyal as him. Then again, The Pardoner may just start doling out "get out of jail free" cards like a dealer in a high stakes game of Texas Hold 'Em.

One of the often unnoticed side effects of the war in Iraq is the psychological trauma that our soldiers must endure upon their return. This has only been exacerbated by repeated deployments and extended tours. When they do return home, their healing is stymied by miles of bureaucratic red tape and delays. In years past it use to be called "Battle Fatigue" or "Shell Shock", but now it simply goes by the innocuous acronym PTSD. Whatever moniker you may prefer, none do justice to the suffering and debilitation our soldiers must endure as they try to reenter civilian life. Libby has a must read on the subject.

Today is Father's Day. For many it means going out to get that special present your Dad has had his eye on. Whether it's a DVD or a powertool, nothing is too much for the man who helped raise you. But for some, that man is notably absent this holiday. Far too many fathers and sons have been lost to the Iraq war, both American and Iraqi. Helping to put an end to it will be the greatest Father's Day present for a good many families. Go here to help make a difference for one them.

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