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Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes

Let's call this the "Felled Firewall Flood Edition" of Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes:

Godwin's law was in full effect yesterday as righties bemoaned Frank Rich for equating American's complacency with some of the Bush administration's most nefarious practices with that of a similar mentality amongst the general German populace during the Nazi era. Whether the metaphor was apt or not, some say Rich sidestepped the issue of his own efforts at being a member of the complacent sect. But one consolation is he's taken up linkfesting like the rest of us lowly bloggers.

Paul Krugman says that the reason the righties have been going after Gore so vehemently is because he has succeeded in spite of their efforts to discredit him.

And Maureen Dowd's column was hijacked by some guy with a television show.

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