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One more injury

I was enraged when I read this article from the Charleston Gazette. It tells the story of how 1st Lt. William "Eddie" Rebrook IV was forced to repay $700 for the body armor that was damaged and lost in Iraq when he was wounded by an IED a year ago. He was told he had to repay or his discharge from the Army could take weeks or possibly months. He had to get help from friends to come up with the money. This definitely fits the definition of adding insult to injury.

It is bad enough that the Army is sending brave soldiers like Lt. Rebrook into combat without adequate protection but now they are making the soldiers pay for it when it becomes lost in the meat grinder that has become Iraq. I guess having a shattered arm and bleeding to death in the middle of the desert, at least in the eyes of the Army pencil pushers, is no excuse for not keeping track of your gear.

Only after the mainstream media got wind of this outrageous travesty did the Army decided to reimburse Lt. Rebrook. At least the media is still good for some things.

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