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Opening the Files: 3/23/05

The Pressers of being Bush

President Bush has been busy guy lately. Not only did he take questions from an unscreened audience in Cleveland but he also held a press conference at the White House.

David Corn , John Nichols and JABBS point out Bush's false portrayal of Democrats on the NSA surveillance program.

Bob Parry highlighted (again) that Bush (again) is left unquestioned about his assertion that "Saddam denied the inspectors".

Just who does Bush think he is F'n kidding that he never linked Saddam and 9/11? Of course technically he can get away with statements like this because he has employed the subtle art of 'mirroring' so well.

Georgia10 is ashamed and she is not alone.

Desperately seeking Censure (to thwart that is)

Sticking with the theme of false portrayals, Hillzoy wonders about the RNC's logic regarding it's anti-censure ad. She even comes up with a few scenarios of her own based on that 'logic'.

Glenn Greenwald debunks a couple of myths being propagated about the resolution.