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Roberts USA Today Op-ed

Sen. Pat Roberts had this to say in an op-ed in USA Today:
It's the constitutional duty of the executive branch to make the tough decisions necessary to win wars. That's not the case for the legislative branch, which has the luxury of criticizing actions with the benefit of hindsight. (Emphasis added)

Someone needs to remind the good Senator that the President does not have exclusive authority when it comes to making decisions during times of war. We elect members of Congress to represent us, and because that is so, they have a say in how this nation conducts itself, especially with regard to waging war. We place our trust in them, trust that they will weigh all of the evidence and come to an informed decision that is best for the country. Because ultimately those decisions will affect all of us.

If Roberts is suggesting that the legislature does not have a say in making those 'tough decisions', he is basically saying that what we the people want does not matter. Tell me how that does not make us a defacto monarchy?