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Frist threatens 'restructure'.

In the latest, and probably the most brazen, attempt to thwart any meaningful investigation into President Bush's domestic spying program, Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist has threatened to 'restructure' the Senate Intelligence Committee. Essentially Frist is calling for the committee to be run like every other Senate committee, where the majority controls the proceedings and agenda. Frist seems to think this action might be necessary in order to allow the committee to get on with more important matters. I guess determining whether or not our President broke the law is not worthy of Sen. Frist's time.

Glenn has the full story. And as I observed in the comments section of Glenn's post, I wonder how Sen. Frist would feel if, in the near future, President Bush were to decide that some 'restructuring' were required in the form of the disbandment of Congress.

Update: ReddHedd over at Firedoglake points out that Frist is not only a cheater but a hypocrite as well.