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Opening The Files: 3/27/06

That Other British Memo

Well a big story today was the new Downing St. Memo that seemed to suggest that President Bush was set on waging war in Iraq in the weeks before the invasion regardless of the findings of the UN inspectors. This story is old news to those in the blogosphere, since it was reported on by The Guardian almost two months ago. But now that the NY Times has picked up the story, it is finally making headlines on this side of the Atlantic.

Countdown discussed the memo, making mention of the first memo from Downing St. and highlighted President Bush's suggestion for a way of provoking war. Andrea Mitchell called the allegation 'provocative'.

Bob Parry also spoke of the provocation ploy, as well as the media's downplaying of the first memo, their relation to the Nuremburg precedent and the most expansive excuse for this war of aggression to date.

Tim Grieve thinks this is a reminder that the White House doesn't need. I think they would agree with you on this one, Tim.

Think Progress points out just how "consistent" Bush's public and private statements have been.

Georgia10 gives Bush a new title: Liar-in-Chief.

Update: The author who first revealed the existence of this new memo, Philippe Sands, was on Monday's Hardball to discuss the document with Chris Matthews. Brad Blog has the video.