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Opening The Files: 5/08/06

A Ray of Truth

Last Thursday, Donald Rumsfeld faced a tough crowd in Atlanta. Several protesters were removed for interrupting his speech. The most notable exchange occurred during the Q&A session when veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern called out Rumsfeld on his pre-war assertions of Saddam's ties to Al-Qaeda and WMDs. TruthDig has the video.

Greg Mitchell wonders why all the tough questions are being posed by "the people" and not the press. I think the term "Lap Dogs" might have something to do with it.

Glenn says it time to smear the latest Bush critic with the usual "radical nutjob" label.

Larry Johnson has only one thing to say to Mr. McGovern: You Da Man!

The editorial board at the NY Times tells us why this incident shows how important it is for the Senate to complete their investigation of pre-war intelligence abuse. But Robert Parry notes how even they can't bring themselves to use the "L" word when describing statements made by this administration.


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