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Opening The Files: 5/02/06

The Colbert Retort

Stephen Colbert was the featured entertainer at the White House Correspondents Dinner and brought his unique brand of 'truthiness' to the proceedings, skewering the Bush administration and the media. See video of the event here.

Billmon compares Stephen's style of political satire with that of the new movie American Dreamz.

Georgia10 meanwhile compares the media's approach to reporting on this vis-à-vis their enthusiastic reporting on the Harry Taylor incident.

Anonymous Liberal calls this a historic feat.

Editor & Publisher reports that Colbert got nothing but praise from his fellow Daily Show alumni Jon Stewart, who called the performance "balls-alicious". And since we are on the topic of "balls", Shakespeare's Sister has an award they would like to present to Mr. Colbert.

Pacific Views highlights why Stephen's style of irony is so effective.


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