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Only in Bush's America

Can someone be charged with a felony for exercising their First Amendment rights.

From the Washington Post:
The protester who disrupted a White House ceremony for Chinese President Hu Jintao remained defiant yesterday, even after prosecutors charged her with a federal crime punishable by up to six months in jail.

'It's not a crime but an act of civil disobedience,' Wenyi Wang declared after she emerged from a hearing in U.S. District Court in Washington,...

It is obvious that the Bush administration wants to make an example of Ms. Wang. This is evident by the fact that the law that she is being charged with violating has been on the books since the Ford administration but from what I have read, has never been used. Either the Bushies want to convey the message that this is what we do to people who dare to disagree with the government or those of our allies or this is an attempt at saving face with the Chinese. Most likely both.

In either case, we should all remember the name Wenyi Wang. Her plight will come to be seen as but one of the many precursors signaling an end to our freedoms in the country. Freedoms which President Bush speaks so highly of, but also freedoms we find ourselves having fewer and fewer of each day.

Update: At least the Washington Post's editorial board gets it.