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Opening The Files: 4/09/06

Iran Is The Plan, Man

Seymour Hersh reported in the New Yorker yesterday that the Bush administration is gearing up for an attack on Iran, possibly even employing tactical nukes.

John at AMERICAblog feels if we nuke Iran we should kiss a lot of things good-bye. I would have to add Democracy and our way of life as we know them to the list of things John feels we should bid adieu.

Atrios points out the only good thing about the prospect of bombing Iran: he gets to recycle some of his old song.

Digby wonders how this administration thinks it still has the political latitude to do this. Then again, this administration thrives on "pushing the envelope beyond the point anyone would have imagined". Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the current envelope being pushed will undoubtedly be stamped "Return To Sender".

Ron Fullwood over at OpEdNews thinks this isn't so much about Iran's nukes but our own. It's simple supply and demand really. Have a demand, supply an excuse.

Steve Soto at Left Coaster notices how Bush seems compelled to 'save' Iran. Salvation through devastation seems to be a prevailing theme in the Bush White House.

Mahablog gives us a Top Ten of reasons why Seymour's article should scare us. Only ten?