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Opening The Files: 5/22/06

Give me Liberty or...You know what just go ahead and keep it.

At Thursday's confirmation hearing for Gen. Michael Hayden, Sen. Pat Roberts had this to say:
I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment and civil liberties. But you have no civil liberties if you are dead.

This comment caused many a rant throughout the blogs, with numerous recitations of a famous quote from another guy named Pat. I don't know what all the fuss was about really. This wasn't the first time Roberts has used this utterly myopic phrase. Though it may have something to do with it now being used as a way of endorsing a nominee to head the CIA who wouldn't know the Fourth Amendment even if someone tattooed it to his shiny bald pate.

Seth Chalmer gave a nice rebuttal of Roberts' statement. Matthew Yglesias, subbing for Josh at TPM, has a few things to say about it as well.

The indispensable Robert Parry reminds us that previous generations have always valued liberty over safety.

Mad Kane noted the trouble that John from AMERICAblog got into this weekend over his characterization of Sen. Roberts. She even had a nice limerick to go along with it.


Chris Floyd examines the mysterious symbiosis that exists between the Bush Faction and Al Qaeda. Call it a fear-filled symmetry.

Gadfly talks about Bush's enemies list and how it seems to be getting awfully bigger these days. Be aware, if you read this blog you're probably on it. Welcome to the list!

TBogg gives us a lesson in Blogiquette.

Boiling Mad always questions authority and asks us to continue to do the same.

And Mark Fiore shows us BushCo's new mascot.


Thanks very much for linking to my Americablog post.

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