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Opening The Files: 6/10/06

Countering Coulter

In what was undoubtedly intended to be a play on the title of her new book "Godless", uber-conservative Ann Coulter's latest hate filled tome came out on 6/6/06. The Today Show had her on to discuss some of the things she wrote, such as how the widows of the 9/11 victims are "millionaire broads" who are "lionized on TV and in articles about them", "revel" in their status as "celebrities" stalked by "grief-arazzis", who enjoy their husband's death "so much."

Keith Olbermann thought it would be hard to top Bill O'Reilly's Malmedy malfeasance but this could be a contender. He took Ann to the woodshed for, among other things, claiming that she is not allowed to respond to or criticize 9/11 victims when she has been making a pretty good living doing just that in her books and TV appearances. Both of which always seem to be forthcoming regardless of how radioactive she may seem to become every time she dares to form words into sentences.

Margaret Nagle thinks there is only one reason why Coulter is allowed to get away with these kinds of remarks. Let's just say that every time one goes missing, Fox News is all over it.

Russell Shaw would like to invite Ann to be a fly on the wall to witness just how much the widows of 9/11 are reveling in their husbands' deaths. Keep the fly swatter handy.

And since Ann probably thought it was cute to have her book bemoaning liberals as "godless" come out on the day of the devil, maybe she should change her phone number to all 6's. She should be prepared for a lot of "googoo gaagaa" calls, though, since it's apparently pretty easy for a baby to incessantly press the same button over and over. Not unlike Republicans repeating the same talking points. And now that I think about it, perhaps those toddlers are actually just future conservatives trying to contact Ms. Coulter to tell her she is full of it.

Update: Keith revisited the Coulter controversy, this time with a round of commentary from apologists for poor Lil' Annie. Blogenfreude also weighed in with his take on some of the right wing blogger's defense.

Another One Bites the Dust.

This week saw the death of the most wanted terrorist in Iraq, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. And it's for real this time, unlike the last few times he has been reported "killed". Many are happy to see him gone, chief among them President Bush who probably hopes this will give him a much needed bounce in the polls (though at this point they would trot out Osama in chains and it still wouldn't help much).

Then there is still the reality that Zarqawi's death will probably have very little impact on the insurgency. As if to drive that point home, a series of bombings killed nearly 40 people after his death was reported.

At least Cenk Uygur can rest easy knowing that his prediction of the eventual fall of "the slaughtering sheik" wasn't far off the mark.

Billmon reports about the finale of this long-running reality show.

Eric Boehlert highlights a Washington Times article that claims that some Democrats were calling the Zarqawi killing a "stunt" (it has since been scrubbed clean of the allegation). Of course this didn't stop the GOP from latching on to this latest meme, as noted by Melanie at News Hounds. But as I have said before, no one ever said talking points had to be true.

Update: Here is Riverbend's take on the death of this American creation.


A couple of interesting guest blogs at Unclaimed Territory discussing Haditha. In the first one, Barbara O'Brien from Mahablog talks about how the incident fits into the grand objective for the Middle East set forth by the folks at the Project for a New America Century. Meanwhile, Anonymous Liberal notes the pro-war right is once again back to that old canard of blaming the messenger for the troubles in Iraq.

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