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What's in a name?

WASHINGTON (XF) - The Xsociate Files has uncovered a secret executive order issued recently by President Bush that sought to change the names of two of the three branches of the US government. In the order, the Executive Branch would now be referred to as the Excusive Branch. The reason for the change, according to a White House official who asked not to be named, was because of policy changes made during the Bush administration's tenure.

Previous administrations have always sought authority from Congress, who as the principal writers of laws, would either grant or deny that authority. As documented on this site and elsewhere, that practice changed under Bush. Now the president simply proceeds with whatever action he wishes to take, even if those actions are prohibited by existing laws (see warrantless wiretapping). Whenever these actions have been revealed to the public, excuses are made for why the President has the authority to do them.

In what was also said to be a reflection of the work ethic of the current Congress, the executive order also sought to change the Legislative Branch to the Lethargic Branch.

(h/t Kvatch for inspiration)


OK...I don't get it. My response was posted, and I was able to read it. Now it's gone. Hmmm...

I can assure you, I didn't delete any comments from this post. From what I understand, Blogger was acting weird yesterday. I myself had problems posting all morning. It's possible that your comment was lost.

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