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Opening The Files: 5/28/06

Regrets, I've had a few...

At a joint presser with his "Poodle" (I mean Prime Minister Tony Blair), President Bush admitted that he regrets making such bellicose statements as "Bring 'em on" and "Wanted Dead or Alive". Now why do I doubt his sincerity?

Carpetbagger notes that this is only a 'sort of' admission and tells why he has to keep a bottle of Maalox handy. In the same vein, Robert Elisberg wonders why the media is so ready to give Bush credit for admitting mistakes when, if you read his words carefully, he didn't actually make any.

(liberal)Girl Next Door relates Bush's act of contrition to that of a bully from her childhood and the different approach each took to seek redemption.

Steven D lists Bush's "Cowboy Rhetoric" as one of the many signs why he thinks we are indeed living under a dictatorship.


Go welcome newbie poster AJ over at AMERICAblog. He has an interesting analysis of the new "create an Iraq that American voters will ignore" strategy adopted by the Pentagon. Martini Republic thinks this new strategy may explain why the right was so incensed over Rep. John Murtha discussing what could be called Iraq's "My Lai".

Since President Bush alluded to being much like Harry Truman in his commencement address at West Point, Marty Kaplan compares the two "wartime" leaders and finds the comparison somewhat lacking.

And Pressing The Flesh has the week that was cartoons.


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