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Enemy Within?

Remember back in March when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had this to say about Al-Qaeda's ability to control the news:
We do know, of course, that al-Qaeda has media committees. We do know that they teach people exactly how to try to manipulate the media. They do this regularly.

What Rumsfeld was implying was that it was not so much a case of Al-Qaeda sending out press releases to the media telling them what to report but rather he was talking about their ability to garner headlines.

Well now Rep. Peter Hoekstra has taken the 'manipulation' angle to truly McCarthyesque heights (or would Dr. Strangelove be more accurate?). This really isn't surprising given that the Bush administration has been besieged with leaks about their anti-terrorism efforts. It was only a matter of time before one of their allies brought up the specter that these leaks were part of a sinister plot to undermine the President and aid "the enemy".

But could this possibly be true? Has our intelligence community been penetrated by those out to harm America? Or is it more likely that the Bush administration's own actions are a more plausible catalyst for this sudden uptick in supposed traitors?

Then again, logic is usually in short supply when it comes to Bush and Co.

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