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Opening The Files: 7/09/06

Copy & Paste Coulter

One of the big things surging through the b-sphere this week were charges of plagiarism being lobed at Ann Coulter like so many molotov's she viciously hurls at others. The irony of the situation is probably not lost on many. While it was first brought up by some intrepid blogs (including one who was on it like a rabid dog), it didn't hit mainstream until the New York Post took a peek and was soon followed up by a usual suspect. The intense scrutiny has forced the company that syndicates her columns to look into the matter (after much goading from another dogged blogger).

Not to be one to miss an opportunity to milk the publicity for all its worth, Ann fired back at the Post in her usual style of name calling. Notably absent was any mention of the charges, or a denial of them for that matter. Odd isn't?

Media Matters wondered if Ann would still be given a platform from which to rant and if she were, would she be confronted with the plagiarism charges? Newshounds: Yup and Nope.

The Rude One was rather upset he didn't get mad props for being one of the first dogs to gnaw on this bone (I know your probably sick of the dog references by now, trust me this is the last one). He has since been given credit, along with Rawstory for finally forcing the mainstream lapdogs to take bite (ok, that was the last one).

Crown Books, which published Godless, called the claims meritless and brought up some nonesense about the number of words requiring attribution. In light of that, Tim Grieve has some advice for would-be Crown authors.

Coulter turned down a chance to appear on camera? Maybe the allegations have legs, so sayeth TRex.

asks a good question: is this all we've got? He also hits upon a possible reason for why Ann would need to pilfer prose.

And finally, Adam Corrolla shows us the best way to handle Ms. Ann.

Update: Ann a no show?

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One of my readers said all it will take to clip Annthrax's wings is a class action lawsuit brought against her publisher and her agent for selling books filled with cribbed and plagiarized prose.

Jeez, in our litigious society even Milli Vanilli was sued by record buyers for lipsinking. Clay Aikens is being sued by record buyers for not being straight by wingnuts.

If you want the snake dead, cut off her head and in Annthrax Coulter's case, the "head" is her money source.

I agree that pursuit of the almighty dollar is what ultimately drives most of Ms. Coulter's attention grabbing antics. That, and as Wobblie noted above, a lack of knowledge of the subjects on which she chooses to rant. This deficiency forces her to employ other methods for drawing attention to herself.

Think of it like someone using a lot of curse words or vulgar language to hide their inability to carry on an intelligent conversation.

Her agent shopped her scrawny ass around to CNN a while back as a possible replacement for Robert Novak, but what I heard was the response from the public was nearly 100% negative, so CNN said "x-nay on oulter-cay."

I wonder what CNN would've done had the public's response to Annthrax been the opposite?

Given her a program? Like Hardball?

Nah, I doubt she could come up with enough original material to fill a full hour.

And finally, Adam Corrolla shows us the best way to handle Ms. Ann.

Now that's the way to handle Coulter. Who would have tought that Corrolla would have that much sense?

Hello, xsociate... I will add you to my Echoing Voices sidebar. Stumbled onto your site via my daily walk-through of Blognonymous.

Who'd `ve thunk that Corrolla wasn't just an overgrown beerswilling fratboy?

Seriously though, what's with the cocktail dresses 24/7?

Maybe it's permanently grafted to her skin?

"She may not be a whore, but she wears a whore's uniform, I'll tell you that much." --Coultered from Dave Chappelle's 2000 stand-up, "Killing Them Softly."

Has anybody taken a serious look at Coulter's first book, High Crimes and Misdemeanors? That book is what put her on the right-wing map. I'd start searching through her other books as well. Her screeds are just one of the many pieces of toilet paper that little right-wingers everywhere use as their talking points and anti-Democratic Party-isms

Seriously though, what's with the cocktail dresses 24/7?

Oh, that's tranny-chic, honey.

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