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Kerry Kerfluffle

Of all the idiotic things to do right before what is probably the most important election in US history, Sen. John Kerry's 'botched joke' probably ranks among the worst. And even though many are cheering Kerry's sudden development of a pair in defending himself, the damage has already been done. We all know how adept the Rovian propagandists are. They had almost 24 hours to cement the image that Kerry (and by extension the Democrats) think American troops are stupid (while Bush and the GOP think they're 'plenty smart') in the minds of voters. No amount of ballsy talk from Kerry now will help fend off questions posed to every Democrat running for office that will invariably start with "Well, Sen. Kerry said...".

And Kerry's "but I was really calling Bush an idiot" defense was itself an idiotic excuse. We already know how much of an idiot the President is. We don't need your snide comments to remind us of that.

So do us all a favor, Senator, leave the stand-up to the professionals and just sit this one out okay?

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