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The Harry Bush Show

So President Bush fancies himself a modern day Truman. Sure he is unpopular now, he probably thinks to himself but so was Harry when he left office and history eventually came to vindicate his presidency. So all Dubya has to do is wait forty or fifty years for the final glorying reviews to come in. And no doubt we will still be in Iraq when they do.

Talk of impeachment has been buzzing through the mainstream blogs as of late, especially since is has become evident that Bush has no intention of changing course. Despite what the ISG recommends and what the American people support, Bush is still The Decider and as far as he is concerned it's full speed ahead with "stay the course" until 2009.

Democrats have shied away from talking about impeachment for obvious political reasons. But at some point it will become abundantly clear to everyone that the only way to affect real change in Washington may be to finally cancel this ill-conceived Truman Show.

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No doubt he does think of himself as a modern day Truman, but with one crucial difference. Truman knew how to take responsibility for his policies and actions. Bush can't...and won't.

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