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Opening The Files: 12/28/06

The Accidental vs. The Decider

Many bloggers have noted the passing of Gerald Ford this week. And while I am far too young (not even born yet) to remember his ascension to the highest office in the land, I can understand why many look back on that era fondly. For it was Ford who picked up the shattered remnants of the presidency following the Vietnam and Watergate years. Undoubtedly there are many who long for a similar reconstruction after enduring the Bush II years.

And given how the Decider has governed in that time, it should come as no surprise that the Accidental President would oppose the war in Iraq.

Carpetbagger says that Ford's criticisms of the war seems awfully close to what Democrats have been saying and wonders if this will change how the GOP praise him. (Update: The smearing begins)

Ford is probably best remembered (or reviled depending on who you talk to) for pardoning Richard Nixon. Mr. Fish imagines that Bush might be a little envious.

Dave Johnson and Taylor Marsh think Ford set an awful precedent with that pardon.

TBogg calls Ford the Bookmark President, the best thing after our long national nightmare. The Heretik, meanwhile, reminds us that nightmares have a tendency to come back.

And finally, Wonkette, noting WaPo's apparent hiring of a zombie obit writer, says life probably is just like an SNL skit.

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