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Opening The Files: 12/20/06

Fixin' to Blow a Fuse

So it would appear that not only are the Bushies thinking of overloading the surge protector but also upping the voltage and adding a few outlets to our already overworked fusebox (not to mention our electric bill). I'm just dreading the day when this sucker finally blows, because all hell is going to break loose.

Will Bunch as a much needed Christmas gift for America. A shame it may already be too late.

Billmon is back from a long hiatus and says that it's looking increasingly likely the Bushies are opting for the "total war" strategy. BooMan says it might be time to choose something (or someone) else.

Josh Marshall wonders if this "surge" would better be described as a "ratchet". Knowing the Bushies, my money's on the latter.

Blue Girl noticed something about the Joint Chiefs that may explain why they don't like the idea of a "surge" in Iraq. Too bad it's not a trait shared with their Commander-in-Chief.

Robert Scheer wonders what they're smoking in the White House. Dubya Doobage perhaps?

And finally, The Rude One tells us what is really "dick"-tating this "surge".

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