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In a Bind

The blogs are buzzing this morning over what steps the Democrats will take toward ending the war in Iraq. WaPo reports that while Jack Murtha's plan to tie funding to troop readiness is losing favor with Dems in the House, the Senate Dems are looking to revoke the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force and draft one that would see most of our combat forces withdrawn by March 2008.

I favor the Murtha approach for reasons I detailed here. But that is not to say the Senate's idea should be dismissed out of hand. It it the opinion of many bloggers that one of the first steps toward ending our involvement in Iraq is to address the authorization for the war. Some also feel that doing so would curtail the President with regards to potential action against Iran for that country's supposed meddling.

Regardless of how one feels about which of these avenues is the better approach, it is heartening to at least see the Congress finally willing to ask the tough questions. Let us hope they remain just as determined to find the answers.