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Opening The Files: Bush Presser Edition

Chewing the Qud.

As everyone I'm sure is aware by now, President Bush held a press conference yesterday. While many things were discussed during the hour long session, the topic that loomed large over the proceedings were allegations the administration has made against Iran. When asked about the accuracy of such statements, the President emphatically proclaimed that he knows "with certainty" that the Quds (or Kuts as he called them) force of the Iranian government is supplying sophisticated IED's that are being used against our troops. He said it was preposterous to suggest that the intelligence alleging this was wrong or somehow being fabricated. I mean, come on, its not like they have a history of making up intelligence assessments or anything.

But he also seemed to contradict the intelligence briefing from last Sunday that alleged the orders came from the "highest levels" of the Iranian government. A few knowledgeable bloggers have pointed out this whole "who gave the orders" issue is really just to dodge the more important issue of where the weapons are going (an issue they would probably rather not raise given the likely recipients). But realize this is just how this administration operates. They intend to muddy the debate, just as they did in the run up to war with Iraq. And make no mistake, war with Iran is their ultimate aim, protests to the contrary notwithstanding.

Bush was also asked about his assessment of whether or not a civil war is raging in Iraq to which he proclaimed his lack of clarity on the subject was due to his occupy of a beautiful mind house.

Commissar has the details of the next offensive to crack down on governments supplying Iraqi's with arms.

I think I know why CNN continued to catapult the propaganda about "high level" involvement even after the White House backed off the claim. They've apparently been reading too much Needlenose.

The Heretik says to expect a lot of cud chewing or rather, quds chewing.

Larry Johnson says that like any good propagandist, the Bushies started with a kernel of truth. Too bad it is the seed for a crop we would rather not see reaped.

Tim Grieve gives Dubya a quick geography lesson.

Jill on what Bush really meant by "protect the troops".

And finally, Robert Dreyfuss says that Bush is like the Wizard of Oz, pulling levers and switches in a desperate attempt to fool his audience. Unfortunately for him, that curtain was pulled back a long time ago.

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