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Opening The Files: 02/09/07

Crossing Over with John Edwards.

Well the talk of the 'tubes the last couple of days has been the faux brouhaha over two recent hires to the John Edwards presidential campaign. It started out with Michelle Malkin noting what a potty-mouth (or fingers rather) Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon has. With the addition of Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare's Sister, who also occasionally uses some rather colorful language, Catholic League president Bill Donohue got in on the act. He accused Edwards of hiring "anti-Catholic vulgar trash-talking bigots." Speaking of bigots.

And you can tell this whole episode is so much bullshit (oops, so much for me getting hired for any campaigns anytime soon) because of the lack of any equal scrutiny of other candidate's staff hirings. Initial rumors claimed that Melissa and Amanda got the axe but Edwards, via a rather appropriate venue, killed the got fired gossip and said he would give his new hires a "fair shake" (was that a pun on Melissa's account?)

It was good to see Edwards standing up to the smear-o-sphere, though for some, the fact that he took so long to defend his staff only gave more validity to the smear. It will no doubt only encourage the likes of Malkin and Donohue to keep up with their political hit jobs as the election draws ever nearer.

There is literally a cacophony of excellent posts being generated by this, far to numerous to link here. Thankfully, Meme always comes through with a roundup of some of the best in the blogs. Be sure to check out Ian Welsh, Tristero, and John Dickerson too.

Charge of the Dike Brigade.

Rep. Gary Ackerman noted the aversion the military has toward gay and lesbian members, saying that if the terrorists were smart "they’d get a platoon of lesbians to chase us out of Baghdad". Perhaps the Congressman misinterpreted the demand for more "cunning linguists".

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