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First Year of The Files

Has it already been a year since The Xsociate Files came into being? Man, how time flies with when your writing about the inanities of the political sphere. Like many who got caught up in the blogging trend, what first prompted me to begin committing my thoughts to the virtual forum was outrage at the Bush administration. My first ever post was on the Downing Street Memo and I began to blog in earnest shortly after Hurricane Katrina (sadly the post I had written on that was lost). And while I had blogged at both MySpace and Yahoo360, it wasn't until I migrated to Blogger that I realized the true potential of my writings. Since then it has been a veritable roller coaster. Recognition on some prominent political blogs and a stint at Creature's State of the Day are just some of the highlights of my wonderful journey through cyberspace.

A heart felt thanks to all my associates and readers. I look forward to bringing you another year of The Files.

And, it's great to have you. Congrats on a year and keep up the good work.

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