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Opening The Files: 01/28/07

A 'Surge' of Protest.

Yesterday, protesters descended on Capitol Hill. While press reports varied about how many were actually in attendance, one thing was certain. They all had one thing in common: dissatisfaction. Many carried signs like the one at left, protesting the planned surge of troops into Iraq. Others held signs calling for impeachment of the President and Vice President. Actors, activists and members of Congress all attended the gathering.

With polls showing more and more Americans would like nothing more than for the Bush II presidency to be over, the administration undoubtedly views such assemblies with much trepidation. One wonders if they had considered deploying their new toy.

John Nichols notes the real message the rally sent.

Russell Shaw opines that even though marches won't do it, he thinks he knows of another way to end the war.

Larisa takes a trip through Right Blogtopia to see what they're saying about the rally. Stephen Anderson and The Heretik, meanwhile, respond to one of the nutjobs.

And Blue Girl notes how even a small event can have big implications.

Update: Alex Koppelman noticed the amalgam of folks at Saturday's march included some new and not-so-new faces. Stuartnoble thinks the future of civil disobedience lines in the blogosphere.


Austin Cline says that the right wants to stifle democratic debate. Right on cue, Bill Kristol lends credence to his theory.

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