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Opening The Files: SOTU Edition

State of the Union: Unimpressed

While we will have to wait for the polls to know whether President Bush gets a much needed boost from last night's speech, initial reactions seems to indicate that's unlikely. Bush started off the address well enough, congratulating the Democrats for their new majority. But even in this conciliatory gesture, he couldn't help poking a jab at the opposition. I doubt such a move will help mend fences and make Congress more open to his plea of giving his plan for Iraq a "chance to work".

As expected, Bush rolled out a "tepid menu" of a domestic agenda which will do little to actually solve any of the problems this country faces. His healthcare plan is sure to be DOA with this Congress and his pledge to cut gas consumption was laughable (and if you don't believe me, just look at the smirk on Cheney's face).

On the foreign policy front, he's still just as clueless as ever. Strangely there was very little said about Iran. Perhaps what we learned the morning of the address had something to do with that. This lack of any harsh language also makes me wonder if my theory might not have been that far off the mark.

Probably the most interesting thing about the whole evening was who was chosen to give the Democratic response.

Joshua Holland says Bush might as well have stood at the rostrum and said "I got nothing" because that's basically what he offered last night.

The Anonymous Liberal thinks that Jim Webb just became a blip on the radar for potential Dem veep.

Will Bunch on what was left out of the address. Silence is indeed cruel.

Bob Cesca thinks Bush dropped a steaming load of what is euphemistically called 'agricultural waste'. Maybe that's what he meant by "alternative energy sources".

Michael J.W. Stickings, trooper that he is, live blogged the address for us. Buy that man a drink!

Steve M. has the short version.

Walter Shapiro thinks that we're looking a two years of a presidency on life-support. Good thing Dick has that defibrillator handy.

And John Nichols thinks that Bush's plea didn't exactly resonate like they wish it had. Webb's response on the other hand...

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