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Opening The Files: 01/21/07

100 Hours, 20 soldiers, 3 Prez Bids, and Two More Years.

The Democrats sure had a busy week. Not only did Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and Hillary Clinton throw their hats in the 2008 ring but they also completed their '100 hours' agenda with time to spare.

But since the big story has been who will be the next to occupy the White House, it's a good time to remind everyone that yesterday marked two more years of the current resident (barring a premature eviction notice of course). As if to drive the point home of how important the next one to take the helm is since it seems that Bush wants to put this war on autopilot, yesterday also saw the deaths of 20 more Americans there.

And in a portend of coverage to come, FOX News was all too happy to promote the innuendo that Obama may have attended a Muslim school in his youth. Others took a double dip in the smear pool by blaming the Hillary camp.

Countdown to Hillary having an illegitimate love child with Osama Bin Laden in 3...2...

Joseph Cannon thinks there is something familiar about that Obama "schooling" thing.

Mustang Bobby takes a look back.

William Rivers Pitt says the first 100 hours was good but what about the next 100?

Paul the Spud notes the making of a new wingnut monster and Rush Limbaugh's unhealthy obsession with one of the presidential contenders.

Gary Rudoren thinks if FOX's hit show '24' can have two black president's, surely we can have one. Hey, why not? We already embraced another theme from the show.

The Republicans aren't taking their status as minority party very well. Get use to it, so sez The Heretik.

And finally, the latest from the inimitable Ava Lowery on how this must end.

Update: A.L. has some good advice on stopping false narratives from becoming conventional wisdom. And speaking of false narratives, Glenn has some things to say to all those who decried Nancy Pelosi as "damaged goods".

Elsewhere in the 'Tubes...

While the Dems are gathering support for a 'non-binding' resolution condemning the troop surge in Iraq, Stirling Newberry examines some other options available to Congress.

Bob Cesca is still wondering what is so damn amusing about Iraq.

Bruce Kluger thinks the Army has some "nakedly" peculiar priorities.

Ray McGovern wonders where the intel is.

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