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Follow the law? Sure why not

Interesting development in the NSA domestic spying scandal. Seems that after a year of insisting they had all the authority they needed to conduct wiretaps without warrants as mandated by FISA and after all but accusing those who criticized their actions of being in league with "the enemy", now the administration has decided it will comply with the law and get warrants like they were suppose to do in the first place.

Makes you wonder if the Democrats being in control of Congress had anything to do with this.

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Update: After reading through some of what others are saying about this, several questions come to mind.

1) Will the Democrats continue to press for full disclosure of how this program came about and who was subject to such surveillance? (Update: It would appear so)

2) How will this development affect litigation currently winding its way through the courts? Was this done specifically to head off further judgments, on top of the ruling last August, that the president's actions were unconstitutional?

3) Now that the administration has backpedaled their stance, will all those who adamantly supported the contention that they could conduct this surveillance in spite of the law now admit that their support may have been somewhat misplaced? Will they also admit that other legally dubious claims made by this administration no longer have the same weight they once did and therefore should be subject to far more scrutiny than they have previously?