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Shootin' Thru the 'Tubes

Presenting a new feature to The Files. Quite often in my travels through the Intertubes, I come across a literal deluge of great commentary on all sorts of subjects. I try to link to them as much as possible during my regular blogging routine but sometimes, due to time constraints or context issues, I am unable to. So I've decided that in addition to my "Opening The Files" roundups, I'll try to roundup some of the other things that are, as the title suggests, Shootin' Thru the 'Tubes.

Dahlia Lithwick: Bush's imperial presidency.

Marc McDonald: Democrats, stop acting like Bush's Bitch.

Barbara O'Brien: What does it mean to "believe in" war?

The Heretik: All the living use the dead (A must read!)

Steven D.: Is Iran really next?

Eugene Robinson: Time to change the subject.

Kevin Drum: How come those who were right about Iraq from the start don't get more respect? (With subsequent debate here)