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Opening The Files: 01/12/07

The Escalator...in more ways then one.

So President Bush gave his escalation speech on Wednesday. Nothing really new was said, aside from the supposedly "new" troops who will be heading to Iraq that aren't so "new". Bush still insists on characterizing the conflict as one of the US fighting the evil "terr'sts". Though he may now be thinking of pulling a Richard Nixon circa 1969 and finding a convenient scapegoat, in this case Iran, to explain why his war in Iraq is circling the bowl.

There is a discussion taking place right now about whether or not such a move has in fact already begun. At the same time President Bush was promising that the US would "seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq", the military was making good on that promise by raiding the Iranian consulate there. Anyone else feel a cruel sense of irony that we have essentially done to the Iranians what we derided them for doing to us nearly thirty years ago?

So has the Decider decided the quickest route to victory runs through Tehran?

Regardless we are in for a bumpy ride, with two more years of Bush in the drivers seat.

Robert Scheer has his take on our brooding Prince's soliloquy.

Juan Cole says Bush is still living in a Fantasyland and is now asking our troops to join him.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, using some rather appropriate language, tells us the fatal flaws of Bush's escalation plan.

Scott Rosenberg thinks Bush is considering the Cambodia option for Iraq. The General has the visual aids that were to accompany the President's address.

Tim F. is thinking out loud. Bush on the other hand...

Joe Galloway says Bush is praying for a miracle. The rest of us are just praying.

And finally, Secretary of State Condi Rice went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday, insisting this "escalation" is actually an "augmentation". The Heretik teaches us about boobs and augmentation surgery. Or something.

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