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Congressional Surge Protector?

(Bumped and updated)

With President Bush set to announce his not so secret plan to escalate the war in Iraq (which may have already begun), there has been much speculation about what Congress can do to stop him. Ted Kennedy has introduced legislation calling for Congress' approval of funds for any increase in troops. So can Congress deny those funds? Joe Biden says no, Jack Murtha says yes. But Press Secretary Tony Snow hinted that even if Congress were to deny funding, Bush would ignore them and implement his plan anyway.

On more then one occasion, I have pondered the question of how Congress would react should the President choose to disregard their role as as keepers of the purse. We may soon know the answer.

But regardless, it'll be a tough sell for the chief executive given a populace wary of purchasing any more damaged goods from this snake oil salesman.

More analysis from Marty Lederman, Maha, Matt Stoller, Josh Marshall, Paul Kiel, paradox, Matthew O'Keefe, and Big Tent Democrat.

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