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TITANIA (XF) - Uranus, long the butt of many a joke here on Earth, could soon be in for a name change, The Xsociate Files has learned. After reports surfaced that individuals have been purchasing parcels of land on the moon at a surprising rate, scientists have proposed changing the name of the gas giant in order to attract more interest in plot procurement there. So far few have expressed any.

A spokesman for NASA, a chief proponent of the change, says that it is hoped that by changing the name, more people would be willing to buy real estate on the unfortunately named seventh planet from the sun.

"No one wants to tell their friends they own a spot on Uranus," the spokesman said.

A vote for the new name is slated to run through the end of the summer. The two names currently tied for first place are Urectum and Bob.

(h/t to Becky for inspiration)

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