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Another Year Over

Well, 2006 is almost over and what a year it's been. It saw glorying highs and terrible lows. It saw the establishment of a new government in a fledging democracy and the changing of hands in a centuries-old one. It saw the end come for not only a brutal terrorist but three of history's most ruthless dictators.

But with the highs must also come the lows, of which there have been many to choose from. Iraq hastened its descent into anarchy. War spread to other corners of the Middle East this past summer. North Korea tested a nuclear weapon. Iran continues to snub its nose at the world over its path toward potentially making one of their own, raising fears of war spreading still further in the new year.

With each passing year, resolutions are made. Most are done because we wish to change things for the better. It is up to us to see those changes through. Let us strive to make 2007 a year of change. Not just for the United States and Iraq but for the world.

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year's. See you in The Files.

- X

(Best wishes to all at State of the Day)

Happy New Year!

Peace, Properity and Safe Travels.

May 2007 see Bush impeached for war crimes, Cheney resign and the entire Bush junta removed or jailed.



Happy New Year!

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