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Saddam Uncut

As predicted, an uncut version of Saddam's execution has hit the Intertubes, albeit this one unofficially shot with a cellphone camera. I myself have no real urge to view the video. But the right wingers are giddy with delight to be about to watch and share this latest war porn snuff film.

What a sad reflection on a society that, according to President Bush, is suppose to cherish the sanctity of life.

Update: I read through a few of the comments on the various right wing blogs in the link above and most were decrying those on the left for supposedly "mourning" the passing of Saddam. While I take offense to that characterization, it is not surprising. Anything short of "I'm glad they killed the fucker" would be considered "mourning" to diehard backers of this war. They constantly speak of how "Leftists" do not care about justice for Saddam's victims. And what of these victims? Why was Saddam tried and convicted of ordering the deaths of only 148 people when he is believed to have killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's as the right is always certain to bring up whenever the tyranny of his regime is discussed?

Perhaps one reason is that it would have been hard to justify punishment for those crimes without noting our own complicity in those crimes.

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damn right wingers, Bush should be next to be executed. All those men and women in uniform dying for a lie.

Hillary clinton will fix things up in 2008. Time to start taking care of domestic woes

Winai, as much as I'm sure there are some who would like nothing more than to see Bush be the next in line for the gallows, I am not one of them. I do, however, feel he should be held accountable for his lies and the death and destruction which have resulted from them.

As for who will be there in '08 to fix things, only time will tell. Regardless they will have a herculean task before them and it far past time we to got started on correcting our wayward course.

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