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Opening The Files: 01/03/07

Musings of an Intangible Scribe.

The first OTF of the new year and here we have the Decider becoming the Ghost Writer. A day before the Democrats are to take control of Congress, President Bush "pens" an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal calling for the need for "bipartisanship" now that he actually has to work with the opposition. Many wonder whether a man who once boasted about never reading newspapers would write something he would never have read otherwise (and perhaps still hasn't). Would crayon have made Bush more believable as auteur?

Over at Daily Kos, Jerome a Paris has his thoughts on this shot across the bow of the USS Democratic Congress. SusanG, meanwhile, notes Bush's warning to Democrats not to attempt making "political statements". Does the same go for him?

Bush said that it won't be "politics as usual" anymore after six years of "politics as usual" Bush style. He also said Democrats must "share responsibility for what we achieve". Cernig is kind enough to provide us with a translation.

Chris prefers Bush's earlier writings.

Tim Grieve says that the last line of this op-ed tells you all you need to know.

Ezra Klein notes Bush's sudden empathy for the minority party and the setting in which he chose to voice those concerns.

And finally, The Heretik teaches us about bright messages and loops. Or something.

Update: Janie obtained the first draft of Bush's op-ed.

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