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Opening The Files: 01/08/06

This graphic is from a post at Lindsay's place which I highly recommend you read. The consensus seems to be that President Bush will at some point this week (update: Wednesday) confirm all the rumors of an impending surge of troops into Iraq. As Lindsay notes, we have no idea where these troops will be coming from nor what they will be doing once they get there. But just like with all the previous "surges", the Bush administration will promote this latest one as the best hope for victory in Iraq.

And regardless of the Democrats continued opposition and no matter who is in charge of the effort, this is one Gordian Knot that shows no sign of being unraveled anytime soon.

Dave Johnson suggests that all this talk of "escalation" now that the Democrats are in a position of power, is a Rovian ploy to change the parameters of the debate on Iraq.

President Bush is expected to ask for a billion dollars for a jobs program for Halliburton Iraq. Marty Kaplan has a few ideas where to scrounge up the cash from.

Paul Krugman (free via) was back this morning asking the pertinent question: are the Bushies cynical or just delusional? A little of both I'd say. Krugman also noted how Bush will be pushing the "sacrifice" meme. Mustang Bobby has the final word on that.

Speaking of sacrifice, with the Rice-a-Rumor-Roni coming to a slow boil, The General writes Condi a letter urging her to make the ultimate sacrifice.

watertiger has the funny feeling we've seen this comedy of errors before, though this time it has a crude twist.

And finally, Judd takes us for a ride in the way back machine when a "surge" would "undermine our strategy". My how far we haven't come.

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