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The Worst That Could Happen

Joe Lieberman:
In words that should trouble any Democrats counting Lieberman in their camp, Lieberman was praising Bush as a “great leader” for bucking American opinion, as expressed in the 2006 election, in his determination to double down in Iraq. Lieberman then said something incredible:

Even those opposed to the surge, he said, “ought to at least let us try it.”

The worst that could happen,” he continued, is that this policy could become another partisan flashpoint in Washington.

The worst that could happen...

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DINO Lieberman is a vile, neoconservative hawk.

If he's so enthusiastic about the Iraq war, he should see to it that his children enlist and go fight.

But like any good chickenhawk, Joementum expects others to risk their lives.

Too bad he wasn't defeated in the Midterms. We tried to elect Lamont but, wealthy Repukes in Connecticut came out en masse to support him.

I have one word for Lieberman: COCKPUNCH.

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