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Same shit, different day.

For those who couldn't bare to sit through it or had more productive things to do, below I've provided a shortened version of President Bush's address tonight (full transcript here):

Good evening. Iraq, terror, terror, 9/11, terror, terror, Iran and Syria, terror, more troops, terror, terror, Al-Qaeda, terror, terror, victory, terror, terror, more sacrifice, terror, terror. Good night.

Yes, once again Bush is betting his hand on the terror trump card. Big surprise there. He said the words terrorists and Al-Qaeda so much I thought I was watching a bad rerun. Except of course it isn't, at least not for all the fresh corpses that will be piling up in Iraq. He mentions that Al-Qaeda is still active in Iraq and their home base is Anbar Province. Leaving aside for the moment that Bush was the one who removed the former landlord and put up a "For Lease To Own" sign, who does the President think he's fooling? Iraq is in the midst of a civil war that the President still refuses to except. No amount of troops will be able to stop the violence until the Decider decides to accept reality.

That doesn't look like it will come anytime soon. Too bad it's the troops and the Iraqi's who will continue suffer in the interim.

Meme has the roundup. Some notables who haven't yet made the cut or have since been dropped but are still worth a read: Larisa, JB, Mustang Bobby, Kos, Larry Johnson, Walter Shapiro, Fred Kaplan, David Corn, Matt Ortega, AJ, and John Nichols.

Update: I've noticed that quite a few people are concerned about Bush's threats against Iran and Syria last night. And while I'd like to dismiss them as nothing more than saber-rattling for the neocons in the audience, given what we learned this morning and other recent developments, trepidation would seem to be warranted.

More from Glenn.

The sabre-rattling stuck out to me, too, and I was saving it for a separate post. But with the current events going on, I'm holding back until later developments.

Indeed, it might be prudent to reserve judgment. But there does comes a point when coincidences stop being so coincidental.

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