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Opening The Files: 01/15/06

60 Minute Men

The Bushies were on a media blitz this weekend to try to sell their new plan for victory. Cheney ventured forth from his undisclosed location over to the always administration friendly FOX News. Bush took a chance with CBS and sat down for 23 of the 60 Minutes on Sunday. Both Cheney and Bush said that regardless of what Congress may try to do to stop it, the preordained surge of troops into Iraq was going ahead (so nyah!). Cheney had a stern warning for Iran to butt out of Iraq's affairs, while Bush was wondering why the Iraqi's were more grateful for the bang up job (no pun intended) we did there.

Somethings ripe over at Blogenfreude's place. Maybe whatever they're serving at the White House is past it's expiration date.

According to Retired Air Force General Sam Gardiner, the pieces are moving into place that could result in a firestorm in the Mideast. Anyone care to guess where the spark will come from?

Jill says it's no wonder they hate us.

Rachel Sklar notes the other surge going on in Iraq.

Carpetbagger says that while the Educator-in-chief tried his best, the real lesson came from the VP.

Helene Cooper says the best we can hope for in Iraq is something along the lines of the Spanish Civil War. Great. Now we have to teach them Spanish on top of everything else?

Update: Bob Cesca wonders what's so funny? Ian McGibboney, meanwhile, thinks Bush's interview was like a rerun of some brainless reality show (or was it Futurama?).

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