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Opening The Files: Pre-SOTU Edition

State of the Union: Fed Up

Following up on my previous post, and as Creature noted this morning, it looks as though President Bush is going to have a rough night. Confidence in his leadership continues to tank and he'll be heading into the address with some of the lowest poll numbers since Nixon. CBS pegs him at an all new low of 28%. It's no wonder he's desperate to talk about anything but Iraq since he'll be facing both a pessimistic electorate and a skeptical Congress.

So given this increasingly hostile atmosphere, it really wasn't a surprise to hear reports of another terror threat. And in what I am sure is just a case of serendipity, this one involves a possible 9/11 style attack from (drumroll please) Al-Qaeda in Iraq! Man, what a coincidence! And talk about timing!

Joe in DC notes how hard it is to write speeches for the President. It's becoming equally hard to listen to them.

Christy noticed that the more Bush is seen in public, the more the public seems to dislike him. Is that a cue that perhaps they should switch to radio?

Jill is being a little cynical.

lambert knows of a very simple way that Bush can show he's open to bipartisanship. But that of course would entail some grammatical correctness from a guy who once referred to himself as "The Decider" (and for which he has now won an award).

Sidney Blumenthal says that the State of the Union address will be more like a statement of indifference.

And now that Tony Snow has apparently taken the job of official White House jeweler, anyone else think we should get a second appraisal?


On Sunday, neocon and surge proponent Bill Kristol said that critics of Bush's plan for Iraq should just keep quite. Cynthia Tucker reminds us that silence was what got us into this mess of a war in the first place.

Speaking of neocons who need some quite time, Jim Lobe notes that while the Project for a New American Century is defunct, their agenda still very much alive.

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